"The most advanced, capable, cost-effectvie air purifier."

  • Filter Pet Hair and Allengens

  • Decompose Formaldehyde

  • Alleviate Allergy

  • Eliminate Odours

  • Purify VOCs Up to 99.99%

  • Eliminate Virus and Bacteria Up to 99.99%

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b-MOLA for Your Space

Personal/Small room

Personal/Small room

These portable b-MOLA air purifiers are perfect for personal use in a... 

Medium space/Bedroom

Medium space/Bedroom

These b-MOLA purifiers are capable of recycling the air of a middle... 

Large space/Bedroom

Large space/Bedroom

These strong b-MOLA air purifiers are capable of refreshing the air in a large... 

  • Superior Effectivness

    Thanks to the propretary NCCO technology, b-MOLA air purifiers eliminate the toxins in the air rather than merely trapping them.

  • Low Cost of Running

    The NCCO reactor in every b-MOLA air purifier lasts the lifetime of the machine. Other air purifiers' activated carbon filters cost more than $40 and need to be replaced 2-3 times a year.